Food Traditions

What we eat says a great deal about who we are and where we came from.
Vendors invited to participate in the Great Lakes Folk Festival's "Taste of Traditions Food Court" offer traditional foods closely linked to their ethnicity or region.

Information for Traditional and Non Traditional Food Vendors

Taste of Tradition Vendors 
Anishnabe Meejim (Native America)
Bangkok House (Asian and American favorites)


Local and Other Food Vendors 
Amist concessions (lemonade & cold drinks)
Grand Grillin (Flame broiled chicken wraps and salads)
Kathy's Kettle Korn (fresh popped kettle corn)
Melting Moments (hand-dipped ice cream)
Michigan Donut Company (hand fried assorted donut bites)



Anishnabe Meejim
Robin and Eva Menefee
Lansing, Michigan
Native American Foods

Native American cookery consists of the oldest foods and the oldest cooking methods in North America—a food and cooking tradition based on things gathered from the ground, plants, and fresh and salt waters. Like the Native Americans themselves, their food and cooking have changed greatly since first contact with Europeans. Nonetheless, the Native foods that were once associated with ceremonial life remain so today. Certain things are still eaten in certain seasons only by certain people. What is eaten is central to being Native, and nothing is eaten without a prayer.

Many New World foods have enriched the cuisines of other nations. What would Italian food be, for example, without the tomato? Native peoples grew and preserved a wide variety of corn, which European traders took to all corners of the world. Corn is still an important ingredient in the Native American diet and is eaten in a variety of ways.

Some foods closely identified today with Indians are the result of European and other Native American influences. Frybread, for example, evolved because of access to European wheat and lard, and today it is associated with all Indians. Through fairs, festivals, and pow wows, the southwestern version of frybread--the Indian or Navajo taco--has been adopted by Native Americans of the Great Lakes region and elsewhere.

Bangkok House
Asian Foods
Annandale, Virginia