August 7-9, 2009

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GLFF Honorary Committee
Dr. William Anderson, Dept. of History, Arts, and Libraries, State of Michigan
Dr. Marietta Baba, College of Social Science, MSU
Lu Battaglieri, Michigan Education Association
Jeff Benson, MSU Museum Associates Board
Tom Berding, Department of Art & Art History, MSU
Virg Bernero, Mayor, Lansing
Patricia Birkholz, Michigan Senate
Bob Blackman, WKAR-Radio
Mike Brand, Wharton Center, MSU
Vic Celentino, Ingham County Commission
Judith Cardenas, Lansing Community College
Dr. David Cooper, Public Humanities Collaborative, MSU
Dr. Steve Esquith, Residential College in Arts & Humanities, MSU
Dr. Hiram Fitzgerald, University Outreach, MSU
Jim Forger, College of Music, MSU
Jennifer Granholm, Governor, State of Michigan
Dorothy Gonzales, Board of Trustees, MSU
Mark Grebner, Ingham County Commission
Paulette Granberry-Russell, Sr. Advisor to President for Diversity, MSU
DeAnne Hamilton, WKAR, MSU
Curtis Hertel Jr., Ingham County Commission
David Hollister, Prima Civitas
Dianne Holman, Ingham County Commission
Margaret Holtschlag, MSU Museum Associates Board
Evan Hope, Delhi Township Clerk
H. Lynn Jondahl, MI Prospect for Renewed Citizenship
Lee June, Student Affairs & Services, MSU
Mike King, WILX-TV
Lawrence Kestenbaum, Washtenaw County Clerk
Harlan MacDowell, Eaton County Commission
Richard McLellan, Dykema Gossett
Mark Meadows, Michigan House of Representatives
Mary C. Mertz-Smith, MSU Museum Development Council
Gretchen Millich, WKAR-Radio
Mike Murphy, Michigan House of Representatives
Ambassador Larry Owens
Faylene Owens, Board of Trustees, MSU
Leonard M. Peters, Eaton County Commission
Jeff Reidinger, International Studies, MSU
Mike Rogers, U.S. House of Representatives
Craig Ruff, Public Sector Consultants
Bill Rustem, MSU Museum Development Council
Randy Schafer, Ingham County Commission
Liz Schweitzer, MSU Museum Development Council
Dr. Lou Anna Simon, President, MSU
Debbie Stabenow, US Senate
Chris Swope, City of Lansing
Stan Werbin, Elderly Instruments
Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan House of Representatives
Dr. Kim Wilcox, Provost, Michigan State University
Dr. Karin Wurst, College of Arts and Letters, MSU

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