August 7-9, 2009

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Programs & Activities: Tradition Showcases

Traditions Showcases

The Great Lakes Folk Festival strives to not only present great music but to inform audiences about the history and social context of the music. Each year, a few on-stage sessions are devoted to musicians who share stories about their art as well as compare different styles and traditions of playing one type of instrument (i.e. fiddle, lute, accordion). Sessions are also devoted to tradition bearers from Michigan who share with audience members how they learned their skills and how they pass them on in their communities today.

The 2009 Great Lakes Folk Festival's “Traditions Showcases” will include sets with Fiddle Traditions, Hard Luck Songs and Immigrant Songs. These showcases illustrate cultural similarities and differences, varying techniques, styles and influences, and also the process of change in musical traditions. Every year, showcases are among the Festival's most popular sessions. 2009 Showcases stage schedule will be available in Mid-July.


This year, Traditions Showcases include:

FIDDLE TRADITIONS - Saturday, 1:00 PM - M.A.C. Stage
Louis Michot (Cajun - Lost Bayou Ramblers)
Jimmy Buchanan (Bluegrass - Jesse McReynolds)
Louise Arsenault (Acadian - Gadelle)
Daire Bracken (Celtic - Slide)
Aleksandar Gajic (Klezmer - Beyond The Pale)
HARD LUCK SONGS - Sunday, Noon - M.A.C. Stage
Jesse McReynolds (Bluegrass)
Diunna Greenleaf (Blues)
Slide (Irish)
IMMIGRANT SONGS - Sunday, 2:00 PM - M.A.C. Stage
Gadelle (Acadian)
Les Ross, Sr. (Finnish-American)
The Berntsons (Norwegian-American)
Slide (Irish)
See the music schedule (Please note the schedule may be subject to change.)