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Special Thanks to Our Major Music Sponsor, City of East Lansing

The Michigan State University Museum presents the annual event celebrating culture, tradition and community. Music and dance stages -- sponsored by the City of East Lansing -- feature rhythm, sound and spectacular musicianship and combine for nearly 50 performances over the free three day festival.
Vishten- Acadian Fiddle from Prince Edward Island

Preliminary Performer list for 2008
Names in rusty red are links to performers web sites

Eddie Bond -- Old-time Banjo -- Fries, Virginia
Jeffery Broussard & The Creole Cowboys -- Zydeco -- Lawtell, Louisiana
Cats and the Fiddler -- Bluegrass -- Milford, Michigan
Cephas & Wiggins -- Piedmont Blues -- Washington, D.C.
Crooked Road Revue -- Old-time Revue, featuring Bond, LaPrelle, Henderson and Sutphin -- Crooked Road Region, Virginia
Detour - Bluegrass -- Michigan and Nashville, Tennessee
Mamadou Diabate - Malian Kora -- Durham, North Carolina
George Gao -- Chinese erhu -- Toronto, Ontario
Wayne Henderson -- Finger-style Guitar -- Galax, Virginia
Elizabeth LaPrelle -- Old-time Ballads -- Rural Retreat, Virginia
New Ballard's Branch Bogtrotters -- Old Time -- Galax, Virginia
Réveillons! - Quebecois -- Montréal, Québec, Canada
Les Ross Sr. and the Finnish-American All-Stars - Finnish-American - Marquette, Michigan
John Hanna Sarweh - Middle Eastern Kanoun - Fraser, Michigan
The Singletons -- Gospel -- Lansing, Michigan
Sones de México -- Mexican regional -- Chicago, Illinois
Kirk Sutphin -- Old-time Fiddle -- Walkertown, North Carolina
Tuba Dan's Family Band -- Czech polka -- Oshkosh, Wisconsin
April Verch -- Ottawa Valley Fiddle -- Pembroke, Ontario
Vishten - Acadian -- Prince Edward Island, Canada
Wylie & The Wild West -- Cowboy/Western Swing -- Lacrosse, Washington



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Artist Song Title Download
Jeffery Broussard & The Creole Cowboys Off Time Zydeco MP3 / WMA
Cephas & Wiggins Ain't Seen My Baby MP3 / WMA
April Verch Grand Slaque La Valse à Georgett MP3 / WMA
Tuba Dan's Family Band Round And Round Polka MP3 / WMA
The Singletons Created To Worship You MP3 / WMA
Kirk Sutphin Don't Drink Nothin' But Corn MP3 / WMA
Wayne Henderson Buckaroo MP3 / WMA
Elizabeth LaPrelle East Virginia MP3 / WMA
Eddie Bond Banjo Pickin' Girl MP3 / WMA
Wylie & The Wild West Where Horses Are Heroes MP3 / WMA
Mamadou Diabate Behni Diayemoko MP3 / WMA
Vishten Hermine MP3 / WMA
Cats & The Fiddler If Wishes Were Horses MP3 / WMA
Sones de México Jarabe Planeco MP3 / WMA
George Gao Galloping Horses MP3 / WMA
Réveillons! Lisette MP3 / WMA
New Ballard's Branch Bogtrotters Sally Ann Johnson MP3 / WMA
Detour Radio Hill MP3 / WMA


The Singletons- a Gospel group from Lansing

The Great Lakes Folk Festival celebrates the rich traditional folk, ethnic and tribal music and dances of the people of Michigan, the Great Lakes region, and the United States. The nation’s earliest immigrants and settlers brought the performing arts of their countries of origin with them to their new homeland, where they encountered the land’s First Nations. Each of these peoples worked to maintain their unique traditions while at the same time adapting to new conditions and a rich confluence of cultures. Those musical traditions which we think of as quintessentially “American”— jazz, blues, gospel, bluegrass, old-time, Tex-Mex, Cajun, zydeco, cowboy and others—spring from the interaction and intertwining of these varied cultural roots. Today, renewed emigration from a wide range of nations brings new sounds and performance traditions to enrich our American cultural landscape.

*The Great Lakes Folk Festival celebrates this musical legacy through performances by masters who learned their skills within distinct communities and who remain rooted in their communities.

* Their exposure to their performance skills is usually at an early age, learned firsthand (often within their own families), and what they perform is an integral part of their particular culture.

Traditions Showcases

The Great Lakes Folk Festival features "Traditions Showcases", comparative sessions featuring specific instruments like the fiddle or accordion and explorations of cultural and geographical differences and similarities in musical traditions.

More information about the 2008 Showcases will be available by Mid-July.

August 8-10, 2008