Information: Festival Staff

About Us: Festival Staff

The Great Lakes Folk Festival is produced by the Michigan Traditional Arts Program/Michigan State University Museum.

Rebecca Clark: Archivist and Coordinator of Festival Documentation
C. Kurt Dewhurst: Curatorial Consultant and liaison, Center for Great Lakes Culture
Alex Hawley: Web Development
Lora Helou: Marketing and Communications Director
LuAnne Kozma: Coordinator, Children’s Area
Julie Levy-Weston: Festival Technical Director
Yvonne Lockwood: Curator, Traditional Foods and Michigan Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program Coordinator, Michigan Heritage Awards Program
Marsha MacDowell: Festival Director
William “Bill” Matt: Festival Manager
Julia Meade: Public Relations Assistant
Kris Morrissey: Festival Evaluation Coordinator
Pat Power: Coordinator, Festival Volunteers and Performer Booking and Services
Mary Jane Robb: Office Manager, Accountant
Tim Soule: MSU Museum Development Officer
Amber Shinn: Editorial Assistant
Sarah Stollak: Curator, Folk Arts Marketplace and Asst. Coordinator, Michigan Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program
Lynne Swanson: Curator, Masters of the Building Arts Program
Scott Wall: Office Assistant
Sunny Wang: Computer Specialist
Pearl Yee Wong: Collections Coordinator, Photographer

Ami Field: City of East Lansing Festival Liaison

The Michigan Traditional Arts Program at the Michigan State University Museum, a partnership program with the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, advances cross-cultural understanding and equity in a diverse society through the documentation, preservation, and presentation of folk arts and folklife in Michigan. For more information, call 517-355-0368 or write Michigan Traditional Arts Program, Michigan State University Museum, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan 48824-1045.

GLFF Music Selection and Community Advisory Committees

Selection of performers for the Great Lakes Folk Festival is made by a core curatorial committee consisting of a small group of music specialists from Michigan State University, Elderly Instruments, and The Ten Pound Fiddle. These individuals are well acquainted with a wide array of traditional music forms and have extensive experience with what music forms the GLFF audiences enjoy hearing.

Members of the Great Lakes Folk Festival Music Selection Committee for 2003 are:

Dr. Yvonne Lockwood, Senior Folklife Specialist, MSU Museum (specialist in Eastern European and Middle-Eastern music)
Dr. Marsha MacDowell, Coordinator, Michigan Traditional Arts Program
Pat Power, MSU Museum/Great Lakes Folk Festival Booking Coordinator, singer/songwriter and booking coordinator for the Ten Pound Fiddle
Sarah Stollak, MSU Museum Special Projects Coordinator, musician/songwriter

In addition to the above, the Great Lakes Folk Festival staff relies heavily on suggestions from colleagues who are specialists in traditional music of both the region and the nation. For the 2002 Great Lakes Folk Festival, we gratefully acknowledge the assistance of:

Bob Blackman, Host, “the Folk Tradition” WKAR-FM
Dr. Noel Allende-Goitia, Visiting Instructor, MSU Department of Music
Dr. Isaac Kalumbu, Assoc. Professor, MSU Department of Music (specialist in African music), musician
Dr. Michael Largey, Assoc. Professor, MSU Department of Music (specialist in Haitian music and music of the African diaspora in the Caribbean)
Dr. Laurie Sommers, Asst. Professor, Valdosta State University, Georgia; former ethnomusicologist/folklorist for Festival of Michigan Folklife
Dr. Deborah Smith Pollard, Asst. Professor, University of Michigan-Dearborn; Host, “Strong Inspirations,” WJLB-FM 98; specialist in African-American gospel music
Dr. Jim Leary, Director, Upper Midwest Humanities Center/University of Wisconsin-Madison, co-co-producer, “Down Home Dairyland” radio program
Dr. Mark Sullivan, Assoc. Professor, MSU Department of Music (composer and music education specialist)
Dr. Timothy Lloyd, Executive Director, American Folklore Society; former director of CityFolk Festival, Dayton; and board member, National Council for Traditional Arts
Dr. Richard March, Folk Arts Coordinator, Wisconsin Arts Board and co-producer, “Down Home Dairyland” radio program
Julia Olin, Associate Director, National Council for theTraditional Arts
Dr. Dan Sheehy, Director, Folkways, Smithsonian Institution Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage; ethnomusicologist and mariachi musician
Dr. Nick Spitzer, Host, “American Routes”

The Great Lakes Folk Festival Community Advisory Committee also provides invaluable input into the music selection process. Because of their interest in helping to make the Great Lakes Folk Festival our region’s best offering of traditional music, these individuals bring to the process either an understanding of local audience preferences or their own special niche of expertise in music.

Members of the Great Lakes Folk Festival Community Advisory Committee for 2003 are:

Kelcey Anderson, City of East Lansing
Tony “Chayo” Cervantes, Host “Ondas en Espanol,” WKAR-AM
Wanda Degen, East Lansing Arts Festival music programmer, musician
Ronald Eggleston, Capital Area Blues Society
Ami Field, City of East Lansing
Dr. Peter Knupfer, MSU MATRIX/H-Net, Wisconsin champion fiddle player
Steve Kwiecinski, polka music specialist
Doug Neal, Host, “Progressive Torch and Twang” WDBM 88.9 FM
G. Yvette Robinson, City of East Lansing Arts Commission
Andrea S. Rutledge, City of East Lansing Arts Commission
Stan Werbin, owner, Elderly Instruments
Chris Rietz, Elderly Instruments

The Great Lakes Folk Festival staff welcome your suggestions of traditional artists you think would be good for the festival. The core selection committee will review suggestions and, if appropriate, add those suggestions to the list of potential artists. Please feel free to call or send Pat Power, Booking Coordinator, your suggestions at 517-432-GLFF or